Jul 27 2016

LUX is proud to announce the following clients whose works have been selected for the 2016 Toronto Film Festival. The following titles will be making their world premieres: THEIR FINEST, directed by Lone Scherfig and shot by Director of Photography Sebastian Blenkov, DFFPARIS CAN WAIT, directed by Eleanor Coppola, shot by Director of Photography Crystel Fournier, AFC  and production design from Anne SeibelLADY MACBETH, directed by William Oldroyd, shot by Director of Photography Ari Wegner and edited by Nick EmersonHELLO DESTROYER, directed by Kevan Funk, shot by Director of Photography Benjamin Loeb and THE LEVELLING, directed by Hope Dickson and shot by Director of Photography Nanu Segal. The following films will be making their North American premieres: THE COMMUNE, directed by Thomas Vinterberg with production design by Niels Sejer; NOCTURNAL ANIMALS, directed by Tom Ford with production design by Shane Valentino; ELLE directed by Paul Verhoeven with production design by Laurent Ott and edited by Job ter Burg, NCEBRIMSTONE, directed by Martin Koolhoven and edited by Job ter BurgHOME, directed by Fien Troch and edited by Nico Leunen; THE UNTAMED, directed by Amat Escalante, shot by Director of Photography Manuel Alberto Claro and edited by Jacob Secher SchulsingerTHE BLEEDER, directed by Philippe Falardeau and shot by Nicolas Bolduc, CSCPERSONAL SHOPPER directed by Olivier Assayas with production design by Francois-Renaud Labarthe and costumes by Jurgen Doering; TWO LOVERS AND A BEAR directed by Kim Nguyen shot by Director of Photography Nicolas Bolduc, CSC and TARDE PARA LA IRA, directed by Raúl Arévalo and shot by Director of Photography Arnau Valls Colomer, AEC. There will also be Canadian premieres with MANCHESTER BY THE SEA, directed by Kenneth Lonergan and shot by Director of Photography Jody Lee Lipes; UNA, directed by Benedict Andrews, shot by Director of Photography Thimios Bakatakis with production design by Fiona Crombie and ARRIVAL, directed by Denis Villeneuve and shot by Director of Photography Bradford Young. Making its international premiere will be RAW(GRAVE), directed by Julia Ducournau and shot by Director of Photography Ruben Impens. This year also marks the second instalment of the Primetime program line-up. There will be 2 episodes from the upcoming season of the incredibly popular BLACK MIRROR series premiering: BLACK MIRROR: NOSE DIVE, directed by Joe Wright and edited by Valerio Bonelli and  BLACK MIRROR: SAN JUNIPERO, directed by Owen Harris, edited by Nicolas Chaudeurge. The festival begins 8 September 2016.