Nov 3 2015

Nominated at this year’s British Independent Film Awards, our congratulations go to THE LOBSTER (nominated for seven awards), directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, shot by Director of Photography Thimios Bakatakis; To 45 YEARS, (nominated for six awards), directed by Andrew Haigh and shot by Director of Photography, Lol Crawley, BSC; To MACBETH, (nominated for six awards), directed by Justin Kurzel with Production Design by Fiona Crombie; To EX_MACHINA (nominated for three awards), directed by Alex Garland and shot by Director of Photography, Rob Hardy, BSC; To DARK HORSE, (nominated for one award), directed by Louise Osmond and shot by Director of Photography, Benjamin Kračun; To PALIO, (nominated for one award), directed by Cosima Spender and edited by Valerio Bonelli; To THE HALLOW, (nominated for one award), directed by Corin Hardy, shot by Director of Photography, Martijn Van Broekhuizen, NSC and edited by Nick Emerson; To FORCE MAJEURE, (nominated for one award), directed by Ruben Östlund and edited by Jacob Secher Schulsinger; To GIRLHOOD, (nominated for one award), directed by Céline Sciamma and shot by Director of Photography, Crystel Fournier, AFC; and to SON OF SAUL, (nominated for one award), directed by Laszlo Nemes and shot by Director of Photography, Matyas Erdely, HSC. The winners will be announced on Sunday 6th December.