Jun 20 2022

We would like to congratulate the following clients whose work has been nominated for the Cannes Lions. Nominated for the Cinematography Lion are Justin Brown for BURBERRY; Jess Hall, ASC, BSC for B&Q; Kasper Tuxen for WINAMAX; and Mauro Chiarello for MERCEDES “FUTURE 2021” for which Robin Brown has received the nomination for the Production Design award. Robin has also been nominated for MERCEDES “IMMORTAL LOVE”, and other nominees for the Production Design Lion are Fiona Crombie for HALO; Henry Boráros for RENAULT “RENEW”; and Nathan Parker for RENAULT “OPEN FOR BIG THINGS“. Paul Watts received the nomination for the Editing Lion for FACEBOOK. Bradford Young, ASC got nominated for the Direction Lion for PARALYMPICS X CHANNEL 4.